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As our lead seamstress, Deng Jia's fingers are behind every stitch. A native of Sichuan province, Deng Jia moved with her husband and 2 sons to the nation's capital in 1992. From a farming family, Deng's family moved because their work as farmers couldn't support their entire family. A seamstress for over 20 years, Deng learned to sew when she was 17 years old. Though she wasn't able to attend school, Deng works hard to help her husband support their family. Deng has two sons, one daughter-in-law, and the most adorable little granddaughter! Deng's husband is a driver and has a small home business making glue. Deng enjoys picking fruit and spending time enjoying the fresh air in the mountains, though she says she hasn't had the chance to do that since she left Sichuan. 


Dou Xuefen carefully folds and packages every Scarlet Threads product. Dou has lived her whole life in the same small village just outside of Beijing, where she and her husband have a modest home. They began their lives working side by side on a small farm growing wheat and corn. In 2006, their worlds changed when Dou’s husband was diagnosed with heart disease. Surgery saved his life but left his heart weakened to a point that he was unable to work. As the sole provider for her family, Dou now works part time for Scarlet Threads as well as doing housekeeping for local families. They have a son who is an excellent high school student. He dreams of going to college one day, and his parents want to provide every opportunity for him to achieve his dreams. Dou loves keeping a clean house for her family and sings and exercises whenever she can.


Lao Yan and Huan Mei are from GanSu and have been married for about twelve years. They have two children, Emily (12) and Jack (9). When Emily was just a baby, Lao Yan and Huan Mei traveled to Southern China to work as migrant workers, leaving Emily with her grandmother. Around the time Jack was born, Huan Mei and Lao Yan traveled to Beijing, collecting Emily on their way, and both got jobs working for New Day Creations in Qingyundian, a village outside of Beijing. Lao Yan was employed with NDC for a number of years until the company discontinued the products he crafted and branched on to other things. Lao Yan then began working in the 798 Art District in Beijing, handcrafting wire art jewelry, customized names and other unique items for his customers. To help pay for their children's tuition, Huan Mei worked as a cleaner. Huan Mei and Lao Yan are both very excited to be a part of Scarlet Threads. Lao Yan is especially grateful for the business that ST gives him during the slow seasons at 798. Lao Yan and Huan Mei design and produce all of the Wired Arts products by hand. Huan Mei specilizes in the rings, earrings and hairclips while Lao Yan does the bulk of the Christmas Ornaments. Emily and Jack are good students who love to play and learn English. We are thrilled to be giving this deserving family employment.




Aye was born June 29, 1972, in Lung Ler, Chin State, Burma.  At 19 years old, she married her husband through an arranged marriage.  They had two children, Du Chin, another of our other seamstresses, and a son.   In 2005, Aye joined her husband, a Chin political leader who left Burma in 1995, in Malaysia where she worked in restaurants and sewing factories until she saved up enough money for her children and sister to make the journey as well.  Her family was reunited in Malaysia, but sadly a few months after her children arrived, her husband fell ill with cancer.  He passed away 6 months before the family received refugee visas to move to America.  Recently widowed, Aye courageously moved her children to a new country and supported them as they began American high school.  She moved the family to Midland because of the Chin community and the job opportunities, and she now works as a cable assembler for a local company.  A proud mother of two high school graduates who are now college-bound, Aye’s dream for the future is that she will learn to speak English more fluently so that she can serve as a translator for other members of her Chin community.

Ann Lee
Ann Lee and her husband have been married for five years, and have a four-year-old daughter, with another on the way. They are both from HeiBei ChengDe; Ann said she feels blessed that God has given them a wonderful marriage. Before getting married, Ann worked in South China for three-and-a-half years and in Beijing for eight-and-a-half years, mainly in the export and import business, and her husband is a software editor/manager. I struggled for a long time, and then had to quit my job when her baby girl went to kindergarten. She hopes she can work at home to earn income to help support her family. “I’m so thankful to the Lord that he led me to meet the team at Scarlet Threads, so I could have a meaningful job,” she said. “I’m hoping God can use me to help more people find the joy from God.”


Denge is a metalworker and evangelist in Mega, Ethiopia. He sells his hand made Borona jewelry, as well as making pulpits, doors, windows and benches for local churches. He uses the income from this work to support his large family; his wife and eight children (4 boys and 4 girls).



Gene and Karen Pierce were first introduced to Scarlet Threads while volunteering at New Day Foster Home in Beijing, China, where Gene’s son Guy is a long-term volunteer. Orphan prevention, economic empowerment, and social justice are their core values and at the heart of their efforts. They are thrilled to be working with Scarlet Threads in this new chapter of growth. Gene and Karen live in Antioch, Tennessee and attend Priest Lake Christian Fellowship in Antioch, TN.


Co-founder of Scarlet Threads with her husband Jacob, Carrie lived in rural China from 2007-2011. Long-time believers in the positive impact economic development and fair trade can make on impoverished communities, Jacob and Carrie launched Scarlet Threads in 2009. Though part of her heart will always be in China, after moving back to the USA in 2011, Carrie transitioned into full-time mamahood.  Carrie and Jacob have two daughters, Cora and Alea. Alea was adopted from China.  Now, Carrie spends much of her time enjoying her two girls, remains involved in her community and is pursuing her passion for writing.  





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