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Thank you for visiting our site! We are thrilled that Our Heart resonates with our community and that you in turn are wondering how to get involved in our mission. We can make no bones about it, the key to the success of Scarlet Threads is sales. Sales allow us to serve! And, the key to all sales is engagement and interaction in person or online. We are always looking for new ways to interact and grow our online community, but here are several options currently in place:

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Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the Blog. We love that our social media presence is so strong for such a small enterprise. The strength of our online interactions often gives people the impression that we are way bigger than we are. I think the truth is we can be THAT big, but only with your help.

{Join the ranks of our Virtual Volunteers}

This is currently a small group of ST community members who want to be the first to know about our projects so that they can help promote them. Our projects include: fundraisers for New Day Foster Home medical procedures, giveaways of ST products, new product launches, etc. Join us by clicking here!

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We don't underestimate the power of engagement. Every person who Shares our blog posts on social media, Pins our pictures, Likes, Retweets, or Comments generates more interest in Scarlet Threads. Believe us, people notice.

Of course, this is also a function of the Virtual Volunteer.  But, it doesn't take subscribing as a VV to make a wild impact.

{Become an Affiliate or an Advertising Affiliate}

We just launched the Affiliate and Advertising Affiliate concepts this year. Please visit the Affiliates & Advertising page for more details.

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Scarlet Threads connects you with artisans around the world, bringing handmade goods from their homes to yours.

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