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Thankful for the opportunity to visit China and Ethiopia to encourage and support orphans and those who care for them, we were thrilled when this business opportunity was presented to us in the Spring of 2015. We were already familiar with Scarlet Threads, had met the founder, Carrie on our first trip to China, and had also been a Scarlet Threads customer! After prayer, consideration, more prayer, talking with friends and family, and more prayer...we saw a door opening and purchased Scarlet Threads.

With a heart for providing a means for economic stability to those who were working to support families in areas of the world where earning enough for the most basic of needs is difficult, we offer our artisans a fair wage for the items that they create.
Deng, our seamstress.  Her skill and attention to detail impressed us, and we wanted to continue connect her giftings with a wider market, enabling her to develop her business and provide for her family, while at the same time bringing ethically-produced, boutique-quality handmade goods from China to the USA. We also employ other artisans in the same village... Lao Yen and his family, Dou, and a group of grandmas who make traditional Tiger Hats.  We're also expanded to Ethiopia to bring in hand crafted jewelry items made in the Southern Ethiopia town of Mega.

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Scarlet Threads connects you with artisans around the world, bringing handmade goods from their homes to yours.

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