Are you adopting? Going on a mission trip? Need some help fundraising? Love our adorable aprons and ornaments and want to share the love with your friends? Our below wholesale prices allows you to raise funds for your cause while empowering our artisans through employment! It is a win-win!


  • E-mail with any questions you may have about your fundraising cause/plan.
  • Purchase any of our items at their below wholesale price, then plan your auction, single-day boutique, artisan fair, church bazaar booth, the possibilities are endless! You mark up the item to the price you would like to sell it, and the profit goes toward your cause! 
Apron Fundraising Kit

Apron Fundraising Kit


You no longer need a kit....our prices are below wholesale! Stock up for your fundraising needs w.....

Ornament Fundraising Kit

Ornament Fundraising Kit


When you purchase this kit, you will get an assortment of our Christmas ornaments, usually around.....

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Scarlet Threads connects you with artisans around the world, bringing handmade goods from their homes to yours.

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