Are you adopting? Going on a mission trip? Need some help fundraising? Love our adorable aprons and want to share the love with your friends? Our fundraising kit enables you to raise funds for your cause while empowering our artisans through employment! It is a win-win!


  • Email and let her know you want to participate! She'll chat with you about your adoption process and answer any questions you might have about the program.


  • If you want to move forward, she will send you an adoption fundraising kit and an invoice for the items. We charge you the wholesale price, which is 50% off our MSRP! You sell the aprons for the full retail price (or higher!) and keep the profit!


  • Our standard kit includes an assortment of beautiful aprons with a total MSRP value of about $200. What you get depends on our current stock, but we will never send you more than 2 of one particular style. You pay half of the MSRP + shipping + $2.50 handling fee. (Those are the same shipping terms as our wholesalers.)


  • Carrie will send you an invoice before she mails you the kit.  You can either pay by check or, with a 4% service charge to cover PayPal processing fees, pay using credit card.  We do require payment before the kit ships, as we've had several people order kits and never pay for or return the product.


  • If at the end of 6 weeks you find you have aprons you can't sell, you can return the unused/unwashed product to us for a full refund. No risk! (Note: You do pay shipping back to us, and we will refund you the actual wholesale cost less the original shipping/handling fee.)


  • If it is a smashing success, you can also order subsequent apron kits... and we let you pick what aprons you want in future batches! Our only requirement is that the total MSRP value of your order be at least $200. (But remember, you only pay half that!)


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