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The tiger, not the lion, is the king of beasts in China, and like so many other creatures, it has great symbolic meaning there. It stands for strength and courage, and has been placed outside tombs and houses to keep evil spirits away.

So when Chinese children, and especially males, are born their mothers and grandmothers make them hats in the form of tigers, complete with whiskers and bulgy eyes with bushy eyebrows and big round ears in which, often, perch tiny representations that also have symbolic meanings. Rabbits mean longevity, mice mean industry, melons mean fertility and for children, the tiger can be protective as well as fierce.  (Taken from the web)

Our Tiger hats are beautifully hand sewn by Xie Dong Fang. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics including blue, black, red, gold, pink, etc. Please indicate if you have a preference.  Be sure to look at all the photos!

Artist: Xie Dong Fang  Born 1942 in Beijing. When she was young, Xie worked in a clothing factory as a seamstress. She is now married and has 3 daughters and lives a “happy life”. She loves sewing Chinese Traditional Art products such as tier hats, shoes, clothes, shoe pads and shoe pillows. She also enjoys playing cards with the older ladies in her community. She has a warm heart and enjoys cooking for her neighbors. 

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