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If you love our Noelle Collection AND our Snoflake Collection, here's a great way to get them both in one BIG BUNDLE and save $4.00!

 This bundle includes one set of three snowflakes and one Noelle collection of four characters.

Noelle Collection: Created out of a single piece of flexible colored wire, Lao Yan makes each of these ornaments by hand in his Chinese home.  Capturing the meanings of Emperor/King, Good, Life, and Light in the twists and turns of the wire, these heirloom pieces not only will become a treasured part of your family's Christmas traditions, but will support Lao Yan and his family as they seek to meet their needs through their artistry.  The ornaments are both delicate and beautiful, twinkling in the light of your Christmas tree and proclaiming the Good News of the King who brings Life and Light to our families.

Snowflakes: Just like the kind that fall on a soft winter's night, this set of three handmade wire snowflakes are each unique.  Each set is a one-of-a-kind assortment of snowflake sizes, shapes, and colors.  While no two will be alike, we promise they will all be beautiful!  Handmade by Lao Yan and his family in China.  The ornaments will come with a hanger for your tree. 

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